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Name:An icon community archive
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Hello everyone, welcome to shadowed_icons where we bring you icons of various fandoms.
There are only 2 of us here so you think the topics are fairly limiting however we have a large
aray of celebs, movies, tv shows and stock icons.

If by any reason you would like to request something just comment on one of our posts or message us
and say the word. I want to thank everyone who has joined so far and supported Jamie and myself.


name: Yevgeniya but with friends and at work I go by JANE
things i make the most icons out of:
>Mostly TV Show Friends and Top Model. On occasion I strike with celebs and movies.
things i plan on making icons out of in the future
>I plan to make more icons of seperate celebs so feel free to request.
favorite thing to icon
>I like beauty shots, it doesn't have to be Top Model but those are
the most convenient until I get another distraction.
favorite type of icon (textless, text, stock, ani, etc)
>Beauty Shots, TEXTLESS even though I've been told (and have won) for best text several times.
biggest pet peeve when it comes to iconning
>Trying to go along with trends ... like that whole bright pink ora in the middle of nowhere
looking like a hitchhiker. Never got that! here for more info, resources and icons!


name: Jamie
things i make the most icons out of
>BtVS (like a lot), stock, actors/actress who were on BtVS, Olsen twins,
Backstreet Boys, Harry Potter (movies & actors), & stuff from the 1990's.
things i plan on making icons out of in the future
all sorts. I want to try doing Disney, movies, & more icons generated
from screencaps (I tend to use promos). I'm also trying to get into sports more.
favorite thing to icon
>Buffy & photoshoots of various actresses. I really like to icon headshots for some reason.
favorite type of icon (textless, text, stock, ani, etc)
>TEXTLESS!! I suck at text, there you go. I do try but I usually fail at it.
biggest pet peeve when it comes to icons:
>random blobs in people's faces
or when I can't get an icon to look just right. here for more info, resourses and icons!



We realize our list is not very impressive so if you want to be affiliates
don't be shy and let us know about it in pretty much any post we make.

our communities:

how to credit

Common Courtesy

- Comments are really appreciated, we like to know what everyone thinks.
- Credit when taking something with the following :

jane948 @ shadowed_icons
hermionesparkle @ shadowed_icons

- Please DO NOT hotlink & icons are to be left how they are presented at each post.
To be more spesific do not take it put some text on it or change a few colors and call it your own.

We realize there are always new people here at LJ and not everyone knows how to credit. Please see the examples below!


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